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New Village Green : River Valley edition : Tuesday, 25 February 2020 01:43 EST : a service of The Public Press
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review: New Village Green

     by Linda Pinkham

While I still have plenty of work ahead of me, Stephen Morris has written a book that comes close to being comprehensive in explaining the green movement. The book examines the writings and thoughts of the early pioneers of the green movement, and then recontextualizes it into modern day relevance by bringing in the contemporary voices and writings of today's practitioners.

If you thought our generation invented the ideas that are popular today, think again -- unless you are better than 80 years old, that is. The green movement has been around quite some time, but has become more prominent today than it was when the first inklings of something gone desperately wrong were sounded by Rachel Carson.

Understandably, I am quite impressed by the book, and we are all very excited about the reception the book is receiving. Here's what Stephen has been hearing from village greens across the world, as he exclaims: "It's a hit!"

- Linda Pinkham

America needs a lot more village greens and a lot fewer cruise missiles, 747s, and SUVs. Village greens are small communities devoted to life, liberty, land and locality ... This book contains a potpourri of essays, vignettes, and quotations from many members of Who's Who in Green America. The New Village Green is a must read for anyone searching for meaning, community, and human connectedness.

- Thomas H. Naylor
The Second Vermont Republic

At this morning's meeting of Vermont Earth Institute's Steering Committee we passed The New Village Green around to admire Haeckel's lovely images, the delicious variety of topics, and the photos of key contributors to our understanding of present challenges. Everyone wants a copy!

- Marcia Bourne
Vermont Earth Institute

Greetings from San Francisco -- Saw a copy of The New Village Green proudly displayed in the Moon News Bookstore in Half Moon Bay yesterday! It seems to be selling well. Took a picture of the "green book" section and will send it to you.quiet zone

- Seth Hoyt

Zel & Reuben Allen have posted an extensive review on their website, Vegetarians in Paradise (vegparadise.com), concluding with:

Thank you for including us in this remarkable volume. You and your colleagues must be commended for assembling this collection of values, beliefs, ideas, and electrons. Our lives have been enriched by reading these thought-provoking articles. The internet has bestowed a blessing on all of us. Without it we never would have met and shared these marvelous experiences together. And now let's sit down together and feast on this locally grown roasted garlic.

By including writings by or on Rachel Carson, Euell Gibbons, Lynn Margulis, and Dan Chiras, The New Village Green has the beginnings of a new kind of encyclopedia. Drawn from wisdom already in print and requiring only reprint rights its' essays will challenge you, enlighten you, and remind you: we are all in this together. Whatever area of our cosmos you inhabit, caring for it and yourself is our best bet for not making the "what became extinct in the 21st century" list.

- Donna Coomer Review on Amazon.com

This book is inspirational, enlightening, and fun to read. It offers solutions to the worldly woes we like to ignore, and shows us what's going right!

- Paul Scheckel
author of The Home Energy Diet

This book is available from book stores everywhere, online, or directly from The Green Living Journal in Southern Oregon, Coleman Creek Rd., Medford, OR 97501. Send $17.95, postpaid.

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