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EcoNotes : River Valley edition : Tuesday, 25 June 2019 03:25 EDT : a service of The Public Press
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Pioneer Valley EcoNotes Spring 07

     by Stephen Morris

Natural Home, Support for Domini, Line Synch Architecture, Green Ratings, Shep Ogden

Natural Home features Wilmington Straw Bale House

The January/February 2007 issue of Natural Home Magazine features Eden: a strawbale home. Entitled "Beautifully Off the Grid in Vermont," the article details the unique design by local architect Joseph Cincotta of Wilmington, VT. Cincotta transformed the ideas of clients Michele and Dale Ducette into reality. Cincotta utilized many creative innovations throughout the structure to maintain integrity of the bales from the foundation to the unique wiring. For more information on Eden: a strawbale home, or LineSync Architecture, pick up Natural Home Magazine or go to www.LineSync.com

Shareholders Show Support for Domini

The shareholders of the Green Century Equity Fund ("Equity Fund") expressed overwhelming support for continued investment in the venerable Domini 400 SocialSM Index (the "Index"). By voting to appoint Green Century Capital Management, Inc. ("Green Century") as Investment Advisor of the Equity Fund, the Fund's shareholders approved the continuation of the Fund's strategy of investing in the world's oldest and most widely recognized environmentally and socially responsible index. The Equity Fund has been invested in the Index for over a decade.

Founded by a partnership of non-profit environmental advocacy organizations in 1991, Green Century's mission is to provide people who care about a clean, healthy planet the opportunity to use the clout of their investment dollars to encourage environmentally responsible corporate behavior. Green Century believes that shareholder advocacy is a critical component of responsible investing and actively advocates for greater corporate environmental accountability.quiet zone
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LineSync Architectural Firm Goes to High School

Eight Twin Valley High School sophomores, juniors and seniors are participating in "Building Green". The class, created by Ms. Christine Colella is being taught by long term substitute Mr. Greg Wilson. Colella's idea is for the students to act as a corporation with the instructor as a client in need of a design for an eco-friendly and energy efficient home to be built in on Wilmington White House Inn sledding hill. The students must comply with building and structural codes as well as water and town ordinances. In this way students are challenged with facing real world issues and business practices. Joseph Cincotta of LineSync Architecture provided an informational presentation for the students to understand each of their new job descriptions in an open question forum.

The Rate It Green beta site is now live!

Rate It Green is an online community committed to growing the Green Building market through shared resources and information.www.rateitgreen.com. Site features include:

  • Green Ratings: A ratings site where members will be able to rate sustainable products as trade professionals, homeowners, or members of the nonprofit green resource community.
  • The Green Forum: An open forum where members can offer advice, information, and comments on a range of green building products and topics.
  • Green Building Basics: Introductory information about green building.
  • Green Links: Links to top green building and related sites.

Rate It Green is an online community for people interested in finding and sharing the best in green building and design products and services. Their objective is to facilitate an open marketplace where everyone can shop for and buy green products confidently. Rate It Green features an online Green Products Forum and a Green Ratings system where members can share their thoughts and ask questions about a variety of green products, services, and related topics. Their hope is that Rate It Green will help newcomers and experts alike discover new products and learn the pros and cons about existing materials and services from those who have actually worked with and used them. Joining Rate It Green as a community member is free of charge.

Shep Ogden to Lead National Campaign for Natural Lawn Care

Organic gardening pioneer Shepherd Ogden has been named executive director for SafeLawns.org, a new national effort to help Americans learn how to grow their lawns using natural products and techniques.

Mr. Ogden founded Cooks Garden, one of the nation's premier seed and supply companies, in 1983. He has been an author, lecturer, consultant and market gardener for 30-years and his five gardening books are sold throughout the world

Ogden will champion the health, social and economic advantages of organic lawn care. "The chemical solutions that have been sold to homeowners over the last 50 years are clearly antithetical to the health needs of Americans and are no longer the best way to achieve a beautiful green lawn. Chemical companies have spent millions persuading us that we need a chemical solution. But we want to let American families know they have been sold a poisoned bill of goods."

Lawns currently cover 40 to 50 million acres in the U.S. and most are grown with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. A growing body of research finds that synthetic chemicals are known to pollute soil and water and cause health problems for humans and animals. The resources and short informational videos available at www.safelawns.org will be geared toward promoting natural alternatives.

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