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Education is the ability
to listen to almost
anything without losing
your temper or your
– Robert Frost

Advertising in Green Living

     by Stephen Morris

Who Reads Green Living? Testimonials
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Why Advertise in Green Living?

We're tempted to say "because you share our values" but the true answer is "because we are the best buy for advertisers looking to reach environmentally conscious people."

The demographic data is clear -- see Who Reads Green Living. People who think of themselves as "friends of the environment" are educated (95% have attended college and 65% graduate school) and affluent. Sierra magazine, the largest and most representative environmental publication in the U.S., reports a median household income of $100,700.

But local advertisers can't afford a nation magazine like Sierra and the local radio and newspapers make you pay for too much waste circulation.

Here are three reasons why Green Living is the best buy for businesses that cater to environmentally conscious clientele:

  1. Green Living is free. Our editorial content is for hardcore friends of the environment, so our audience self-selects itself. Plus, since we're a quarterly with lots of meaty content, our publication is not discarded with the daily trash.
  2. Green Living is widely available at more than 300 locations throughout the territory. Our distribution points are those places that share our values. These are businesses that are friends of the environment.
  3. Our ad rates are unbeatable. We've worked hard to keep Green Living affordable for even the most grassroots organization. Compare our rates to national magazines and daily, even weekly, newspapers.
Green Living is the best buy around.
If you want to see what our advertisers say, read our Testimonials
  • Great rates
  • Focused editorial content for "friends of the environment"
  • Distribution where "friends of the environment" frequent
  • Long shelf life

For more information, call (603-924-0056) or e-mail ads@greenlivingjournal.com; Please include a daytime phone number and mailing address.

IssueReserveCopy submission*Publication
SpringJanuary 15February 1March 15
SummerApril 15May 1June 15
FallJuly 15August 1September 15
WinterOctober 15November 1December 1
* also payment date for first time advertisers

Sign a contract and save!
Prepaid contracts get an additional 5% off their contract rate
New!! Contract advertisers get a FREE ad on our website!

Technical Specifications


1/8 page(horizontal orientation): 3.5" x 2.3"
1/6 page(vertical orientation): 2.375" x 4.885" or 1/6 page horizontal: 4.8" x 2.3"
1/4 page(vertical orientation): 3.5" x 4.885" or 1/4 page horizontal: 7.25" x 2.3"
1/3 pagesquare: 4.8" x 4.885" or 1/3 page vertical: 2.375" x 10"
1/2 page(horizontal orientation): 7.25" x 4.885" or 1/2 page vertical: 3.5" x 10"
2/3 pagevertical: 4.8" x 10"
Full Page7.25" x 10"

Web Ads

We can usually make a web ad from your print ad, but if your print ad is large and uses small type, your ad's effectiveness will be reduced. We hold that it is possible to design an effective ad for both media, but you may decide that you want to reduce the verbiage for your web ad. Web ads that get the most play and attract the most attention are colorful -- color ads cost no more than B&W on the web -- and 256 pixels wide. A standard ad is 256 pixels high. We prefer .JPG, .GIF, and .PNG images. Web ads may be emailed directly to the Green Living Journal webster.

Submitting your own Ad

FORMAT: We accept PDF and Tiff files ONLY.* (See details below for each file type.) Files smaller than 10 MB may be e-mailed to us at design@greenlivingjournal.com; files larger than 10 MB should be sent via regular mail on a CD or Zip disk, or arrangements can be made to FTP them to us.quiet zone

NAMING FILES: Please name your ad file after YOUR BUSINESS NAME.*

SIZE: Please size your ad to fit the dimensions reserved (see the size list below). We reserve the right to resize your ad up to 10% in either dimension.*

COLOR ADS: Send CYMK files for 4-color ads.* Send greyscale ads if you are running a black & white ad.* For clearest printing results, small-size text or fine lines should use black ink only (i.e. it uses BLACK, but NOT cyan, NOT yellow, and NOT magenta). Otherwise it may appear fuzzy and difficult to read.

FILE TYPES: All files should be THE CORRECT SIZE -- no margins or registration marks; no marginalia -- and at least 300 dpi resolution.* If you are using unusual type fonts, send TIFFS at a higher resolution (typically 600dpi.) Note: We DO NOT accept Microsoft Word files (for security reasons.)


PDF: Default PDFs may be low resolution intended for the Web, and WILL NOT print well. Be sure to select Prepress quality and the correct color model when generating your PDF. PDFs should be sized correctly for your ad.*

TIFF: High resolution. 300 dpi works well for photos or grayscale images. 600 dpi to 1200 dpi works for plain text, black and white "lineart" or "bitmap" illustrations and logos. Images should be adjusted for printing on newsprint (See details below).

ADJUSTING IMAGES: If you are using grayscale images please adjust for newsprint printing, as dark areas might print darker and light areas might print lighter than they appear onscreen.
    Our printer recommends: 10-15% highlight dot; 80-85% shadow dot.

* EXTRA COSTS: If your ad does not comply with our requirements, needs some work or adjusting, there may be extra charges.

If you have any technical questions, e-mail design@greenlivingjournal.com .

Please e-mail ads to design@greenlivingjournal.com . Again, digital files should be named using YOUR business name (please don't name it "Green Living ad" as we need to identify the file as yours. We are reasonably sure who we are.)

Thank you! We're looking forward to receiving your ad.

If You Want Us to Create the Ad for You

Since many variables go into creating an ad (the concept, the actual words, the design), we can't give hard and fast rules about how long it will take. We can say this though: we have lots of experience producing effective ads and can make the process as easy, inexpensive, and painless as possible. We don't expect you to know any technical terms and our rates for doing the work are quite reasonable ($65 per hour, $30 minimum).

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