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Testimonials : River Valley edition : Tuesday, 25 February 2020 00:21 EST : a service of The Public Press
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     by Stephen Morris

My ad in Green Living is the best advertising I've ever done. I got lots of phone calls and am now booked with several years worth of business. I definitely recommend advertising in Green Living.

--Scott Mathes, builder

Whenever my ad in Green Living comes out, I always get business from people in areas I usually never hear from. I've tried advertising in other places, but nothing has worked as well as my ad in Green Living.

- Joe March
Thistle Ridge Nursery
& former owner/advertiser
for Mine Mountain Organic Farm

Green Living reaches the right audience for us. We've been pleased with our results from the first issue and have increased our ad size over the years from a 1/6th page to a 1/3rd page to a 1/2 page. Advertising in Green Living is a good investment.quiet zone

- Trudy Walker
Prentiss Smith and Company
Socially Responsible Investment Advisor

We're late sending you our newest [larger] ad because we've been so busy from work we got from our earlier ads.

- Andy Parsons, Lamore Lumber
Post and Beam Construction

The thing I love about Green Living is the quality of customers I get from my ad; they're always such nice people--a pleasure to work with.
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- Brian Gallien
Ironwood Construction

We always got an excellent response from our Green Living ad. I'd recommend it to anyone.

- Polly Baumer
Whole Health Expo and Many Hands Publisher

My advertising in Green Living has paid off. I'm very happy with it.

- Jody Larson, Tax Preparation

I will be a loyal advertiser as long as you keep Green Living going. I love the quality of your articles and the people who response to our ad are seriously interested in Hawk Circle Camp...Three Cheers and keep it up!

- Ricardo Sierra, Hawk Circle Camp

The response from our ad in Green Living has been fantastic. It's the best response we've ever gotten from any advertising we've ever done. We received 25 inquiries in less than a month and I'm sure more will get more [since Green Living is available for 3 months]. Our ad in Green Living pulled better than our ad in Yankee magazine which has a circulation of 750,000. Of course, our ad in Green Living cost a lot less.

- Mike Cherim, The Green Spot Gardening Supplies

I have been exceptionally pleased with the responses to my Green Living ad. I have had at least 30-40 from the first ad/issue, and responses from the newest issue are coming now--I would say at an average of 1.5 per day. WONDERFUL!

- Charles "Chip" Swanson
Berry Hill Timber Framers

Green Living has done right by me. I've gotten enough work from my ad to pay for 79 year's worth of advertising -- even if I never got another call.

- Tony Gordon, Construction Alchemist

Green Living has been extremely effective for me. I've gotten a number of catering jobs and new students for my cooking classes from my ad.

- Lesile Cerier, The Organic Gourmet

We got a terrific response from our ad.

- Dave DeLuca, YMCA Camp Abnaki

We were pleased with the coupon responses from our first ad. Southern Vermont and New Hampshire appear to be an untapped market for us. (Our second ad worked even better.)

- Gloria Fisher
University of Massachusetts Continuing Education

Before advertising in Green Living, I had tried advertising many times before and never got any response. However, within the first week my Green Living came out, I had four calls. Two months later, the phone was still ringing. Count me in for future issues.

- Chip Chapman, Chapman Land Services

When my doctor told me she'd seen my ad in Green Living, it confirmed that I was reaching the right audience.

- Dan McKenna, Principle Profits Investment Advisory Service

Wow! I got two calls from the previous issue [in Green Living]. I've never gotten a response from any other advertising I've done. It's nice knowing the word is getting around.

- Rich Morse, Architect

After seeing our ad in Green Living, a customer drove up from Hadley, Mass. [to our Brattleboro store] to buy some Birkenstocks. Green Living definitely reaches our audience.

- Ralph Ellis, The Shoe Tree

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