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Steeling the Show : International edition : Thursday, 18 October 2018 05:49 DT : a service of The Public Press
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If scientific reasoning
were limited to the
logical processes of
arithmetic, we should not
get very far in our
understanding of the
physical world. One might
as well attempt to grasp
the game of poker
entirely by the use of
the mathematics of
– Vannevar Bush

Steeling the Show

     by Don McCoy

by Don McCoy

EcoBroker and Earth Advantage S.T.A.R. Realtor Don McCoy argues the case for steel construction. LP

Building science technologies and green building are on the center stage of attention and a new act is playing in the way we're building homes. Put down the hammer and saw and pick up the drill. Get over the &I am a friend of the lumber industry& mantra and know that lumber, like horses will always be around, especially when we start applying different materials to building homes. The winds of change are upon us and necessarily so.

Oh, the horses part? Since we found new ways to get around without using horses, we will find more important, leisurely and significant uses for lumber as we change our choice of materials in building houses. As the Blacksmith looked up to see what was making that sputtering and rumbling noise while he was unknowingly hammering out the last of his horseshoes, he may have quickly adjusted to selling tires and fixing them instead. Or he just turned away muttering to himself that horseless carriages had no future.

Read on weary builder -- the stage is set and it's high time for change. And a much needed one. An &extreme makeover& is in order. Our conventional building methods have challenges. There are plenty of &rooms for improvement.&quiet zone
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