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Garden : Champlain : Friday, 21 September 2018 03:38 EDT : a service of The Public Press
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I have often depended on
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– Adrienne E. Gusoff
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new Garden articles

The Great Debate ... A Tale of Two Pea Fences

by Stephen Morris                         1000508 919

(Editor's note: this is a “golden oldie,” having been published previously in Green Living several years ago. The message is just a relevant today.)

My neighbor, Sam, and I agree on politics, religion, and government. We have the same outlooks on the economy and the innate nature of the human species. We even root for the same baseball team and are card-carrying members of the Red Sox Nation. Where we part way is on pea fences.

This can be an emotion charged subject and discussions can get ugly. Turn the page if you do not have the stomach for a bare-fisted discussion of pea fences.

A Seedy Affair ... The Economic Alternative

by Stephen Morris                         1000507 766

This is a titillating story, but only for gardeners.

Many residents on my road have home vegetable gardens. You know this because in late August you can see wheelbarrows beside driveways filled with oblong, green baseball bats with hand-scribbled signs “Free Zucchini. Take them ... Please!” One year someone tried “Free Zucchini. Take them ... or else!”

By the Numbers:20 Uses for Coffee Grounds

by Stephen Morris                         1000504 953

Instead of dumping coffee grounds into the trash, put them to work around the house. Here are 20 creative ways to use coffee grounds in your home and garden.

Hoop Houses: Eat from Your Garden Earlier and Longer

by                          1000494 976

Hoop houses are a great do-it-yourself project that can make it possible for you to garden all year long. They can also be used for storage, as a temporary garage, or even as a workshop. They are inexpensive, easy to construct and when completed they also:

Farm to School: the ABCs of Fresh Food

by Katie Cordrey                         1000492 1188

An innovative effort to bring locally-grown foods to Oregon's school children and to help them understand where their food comes from received a big thumbs-up when the Oregon State Legislature unanimously passed House Bill 2800 in July.

more Garden articles

10 Tips for buying an Outdoor Fireplace

by Stephen Morris                         1056 4490

Before purchasing a chiminea, outdoor fireplace, or open firepit, there are many factors to consider.

Horse Power for Organic Farms

by Ken Laing                         9108 3265

If we are dependent on non renewable energy for the production and distribution of our great organic food, stop the tractor...

A New Hydroponics Primer

by Jay Potter                         1000265 1529

There have been many new gardeners in the shop interested in soil-less, or hydroponic, gardening.

Humans Caught in Crossfire in the The War on Bugs

by A.C. Hutchinson                         1000205 1428

The War on Bugs documents the consistent and systematic poisoning of humans that has taken place over more than the past century, usually under the guise of progress...

The Sacred Economics of Cow Keeping

by Bill Giebler                         1000489 1422

Some of the local boys would manage three large compost beds, positively affecting the whole community. The boys would make money by making rich organic compost...

Permaculture for the Home Landscape

by Ron Dellapenna                         1000320 1374

The permaculture landscape takes an ecosystem approach, where components provide multiple uses and there is a wide diversity of species. As in natural ecosystems, more complexity means more resilience

Composting -- Natural Recycling!

by Kitty Bertlin                         1000203 1360

What is compost?

How do you Eat, Drink, and Be Merry?

by various Green Living folks                         1000380 1352

We asked people from the world of Green Living what is their favorite way to eat, drink, and be merry during the holiday season. Here are their responses:

Lose Your Lawn

by Stephen Morris                         1028 1344

Whose idea of sanity is it to pump fresh water from ancient aquifers so we can make the desert look like the rain forest?

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The Economics of Garlic

by Stephen Morris                         1000369 1244

Beyond Organic

by Kellie Gordon                         1000362 1223

Next year in the garden

by Stephen Morris                         9107 1164

The Scoop on Poop

by Madeline Bodin                         1000210 1038

Ten Simple Steps to Ecological Lawn Care

by Stephen Morris                         1032 975

Leftover Straw Gets New Life

by Marcia Wood                         1000170 956

Sweet Days Almost Upon Us

by Stephen Morris                         1023 939

Pruning: Essential for Healthy Trees

by Linda Pinkham                         9151 937

The Scoop on Dirt

by Tamsyn Jones                         1000204 927

A Seedy Guy

by Stephen Morris                         1055 925

Not Yer Average Farmer

by Stephen Morris                         1058 918

The Pond Guy: review of Landscaping Earth Ponds

by Stephen Morris                         9136 915

Landscaping for Wildlife

by Ron Dellapenna                         1000209 861

Enlightened Chick

by Kathleen Jarschke-Shultze                         1000189 859

What’s a plant to do?

by Michael J. Caduto                         1000026 810

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