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Energy : Champlain : Friday, 24 March 2017 03:58 EDT : a service of The Public Press
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Many would be cowards if
they had courage enough.
– Thomas Fuller
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new Energy articles

The Electric Option

by Stephen Morris                         1000498 1057

At SolarFest, the summer music and energy extravaganza held in Middletown Springs each July, the Green Living Journal was right next to the booth for Freedom 4 Bikes of Bellows Falls, Vermont. The bikes were quite a show-stopper, as the shop proprietors would end their sales pitch by hopping on a bike and silently gliding into the distance, whetting the appetite for a test ride.

The (no fear) Guide to Energy Efficiency

by Dana Rubin                         1000497 960

The (no fear) Guide to Energy Efficiency was created by Dana B. Rubin for her senior independent project in Environmental Studies at Mount Holyoke College. Dana began her project working with the Cambridge Energy Alliance in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the summer of 2011. Working with the city’s school district and the CEA, Dana spread her lessons through the city’s public schools and youth centers to be used as supplemental lessons for classroom learning. Beginning in the fall of 2011, Dana expanded her work to Western Massachusetts where she ran a 12- week after school program at Peck Middle School in Holyoke, Massachusetts to encourage small behavior and lifestyle changes at school and within the home. Dana has gone on to run similar programs at the Amherst Common School in Amherst, Massachusetts.

This collection of art projects and investigations is recommended for Late Elementary & Middle School Education.

Shweeb: Light Rail for Bicyclers

by Peter Cossey                         1000493 1304

Here's an idea that seems to be an urban bicycler's dream come true: a recumbent bike enclosed from the weather and suspended safely above auto and truck traffic. Or, as their website states, "By integrating the unique properties of monorail and recumbent cycle technologies, Shweeb delivers a personal, efficient, and cost-effective transport solution with applications for urban commuting, recreational and fitness markets. "

The Sacred Economics of Cow Keeping

by Bill Giebler                         1000489 1068
Getting Our Shit Together Indian Style

How to Work with Limited Resources

by Paul Scheckel                         1000477 1136

more Energy articles

Horse Power for Organic Farms

by Ken Laing                         9108 1969

If we are dependent on non renewable energy for the production and distribution of our great organic food, stop the tractor...

A Renewable Energy Primer

by Sascha Deri                         9133 1646

A primer to help you decide upon the best form of renewable energy to use for your home or business.

Solar Hot-Water Heaters: Green and Hot H2O

by Marshall                         1000003 1477

Using the sun's energy to heat water isn't a new idea.

Greener Houses

by Linda Pinkham                         9130 1345

It's possible that the terminology is expanding faster than the number of people who can actually build sustainable housing...

The Solar TriangleBy Stephen Morris

by Stephen Morris                         1047 1197

Wood Heat 101 Basics

by Kathleen Jarschke-Schultze                         9153 1127

A classic primer, based on hands-on experience, for living with the world's oldest heating technology

No Fuel Like and Old Fuel?

by Stephen Morris                         9100 993

The idea of using electricity to heat homes now seems as outlandish as having a mini-nuclear reactor shapes like a woodstove in your living room.

Why Dry? This Summer Try Solar Drying

by Eben Fodor                         1054 919

There is plenty of extra sunshine available to dry your food. On a clear day, up to 1,000 Watts of solar energy are available for our use...

Greenovation: Summer 2008

by Stephen Morris                         1000257 838

National Tour of Green Buildings, Fuel Cost Calculator, High Road, Healthier Kitchen, Ground Up

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An Introduction to Rainwater Harvesting

by Hari Srinivas                         1000169 827

A Declaration of Victory in A Safe and Sustainable World

by Stephen Morris                         1021 818


by John Patterson                         1000363 805

Get "Real" with Reel Mowers

by John Davis                         1000333 802

An Energy Optimist Builds a Pain Mound

by Gaelan Brown                         1000464 766

Conservation and the Economics of Solar Heating

by Bob Ramlow and Benjamin Nusz                         9106 754

Fun in the Slow Lane: Carless in Rural Maine

by Stephen Morris                         1024 743

Women of the Sun

by Stephen Morris                         1053 726

Special Letter to the Editor

by Amelia Shea                         1000405 725

PDX Green Notes Autumn '09

by Gary Munkhoff                         1000361 720

7 Tips to Reduce Your Pet's Carbon Paw Print

by Earth Paw                         1000252 698

How to Get Carbon-Free in 10 Years

by Brooke Jarvis & Doug Pibel                         1000237 692

Bicycle Recycling Program

by Geoff Thomas                         1000344 690

Virtual Green Building Tour

by Sam Rubinoff                         1000358 687

home & heart: You Can Get Here from There

by Kathleen Jarschke-Schultze                         9125 680

An Even Bigger Spill Looming?

by Asher Miller                         1000438 666

When Words Fail

by Bill McKibben                         1000263 665

Bright Ideas for Storms and Blackouts

by Tim Matson                         1000256 650

He Fixes Things

by Stephen Morris                         1000318 646

Enlightened Chick

by Kathleen Jarschke-Shultze                         1000189 635

How to Choose the Right Bike

by Sandy Bourne                         1000199 627

UK: Cutting carbon starts at home

by Tara Baker                         1000357 567

Stories and Tunes

by Stephen Morris                         1000347 329

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